Generate an org chart diagram from spreadsheet data.



Sean Russell <>

Let me show you its features

  • SVG output

  • Configurable color coding by text match

  • Auto-layout

  • CSV input

  • Flexible column order

How to get it

go get

How to use it

  -i               CSV input file (either this flag, or as the last argument)
  -f               Filter for these people's organization (regex)
  -t               Display column numbers, indexed by 0, separated by commas; empty cells are omitted; badly formatted numbers are ignored
  -s               Display superior; only used if results are filtered
  -c               Column,ValueMatch,ClassName -- sets a CSS class based on a regexp match in a column
  -y               CSS file to embed
       --ex-and=   Column,Value -- Exclude (and -- all ands must match
       --ex-or=    Column,Value -- Exclude (or -- any ors may match
       --ex-incl=  Column,Value -- Include (overrides and and or excludes)
       --help      show usage message
orgchart  \
        -f "Richard Stephen" \
        -t 3,4,5  \
        -i sample.csv \
        -s \
        -y org.css \
        -c "3,TRUE,contractor" \
        -c "4,TRUE,convert" \
        -c "2,TRUE,manager" > richard.svg