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Quake mode for applications under the i3 window manager.

i3quake creates, shows, and hides a terminal of your choosing. Common use for these sorts of tools is to bind a hotkey to the command and thereby create a pop-up-on-demand terminal. Features are:

  • The terminal instance is persistent, which is a bit more lightweight than creating and destroying terminals; it also preserves your current workstream in that terminal.
  • Uses any program you choose. It’s been tested with alacritty, roxterm, xterm, gnome-terminal, xfce4-terminal, termite, st, and gvim. By default, i3-sensible-terminal is used to select a terminal.
  • Opens the terminal on any edge, with configurable size.
  • Single binary executable, with no additional dependencies.
  • It’s stateless. There’s no server process.