sup disenchantment


Ugh.  Harsh reality rears its ugly head.

It turns out that sup isn’t as great as I thought it was.  For one thing, it doesn’t write state back to the server.  Consequently, if you ever view your inbox with anything other than sup – or, god forbid, with sup itself running on a different machine – then all of the work you’ve been doing to delete, flag, thread, label, and read email messages is lost.  sup only works from a single machine, and any state is known only by that sup instance.

The sup folks call this a “philosophy.”  I call it “stupidity of the highest order.”  Or, maybe, I should call it laziness; I’d bet money that the only motivation for this “philosophy” was a desire to avoid writing synchronization code.  Sloppy, lazy programming, in other words.

So, I take it back.  Stay well away from sup: it’s malfunctional to the point of being broken.  And cross your fingers that someone does something similar, only implemented correctly this time, because the workflow paradigm really is powerful.

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