In my dream, Brett and Marnie (my siblings-in-law, above) came by, and they both had flawless skin from the California sun.  Marnie had gotten plastic surgery, and was telling us about how disgusting it was, and about how she woke up in the middle of it and had to have more sedative administered.  She now looked like Claire Danes.  Both of their hair was lighter - Marie is already blonde, but Brett’s a brunette, so now he was sort of brown with blonde highlights.

Reflecting on the dream, it seems pretty obvious that it was driven by my feelings about Brett’s new position, and about how quickly they are (financially) out-distancing the rest of us.  Financial success was translated into physical perfection.  Which is funny, because I never used to care much about money, and even now, I can’t work up much enthusiasm for it.

Anyway, that’s the dream for today.  The one I can remember, anyway.