Rook v0.1.2 released

This is tagged as a minor release, but I probably should have marked it as v0.2.0, because it includes a small feature with a big heart: one-time pin locking.

One-time pin locking is a flag on the lock command (--pin) that soft-locks the database and returns a randomly generated pin. The only accepted command on a soft-lock is the open command; either the one-time pin or the full database password will unlock the database.

The reason one-time pin is a big deal is it allows for hooking a database lock into a screen saver, with the screen saver script locking the DB, getting a pin, and then unlocking the DB again when the screen is unlocked. This prevents any access to the DB when the use isn’t actively at the desktop, and provides a little more security and more options than simply hard-locking the DB either on timer or screensaver and forcing a manual, full-password unlock.

Rook is in AUR, and I’ve been working on getting it into Alpine. Alpine is a little harder, but I’ll get there; the reviewers are helpful and responsive. As usual, there’s also an nfpm.yaml for goreleaser in the repo which will generate debs and rpms.

Changes from v0.1.1 are: #

Added #

Changed #

Fixed #