Rice crackers, part deux


I know you're waiting, nay, poised, taught with anticipation, for my next rice cracker review.  We have three new kinds today.

Kaki no tane, from Uegaki Beika Co. LTD, Japan

I don't read Japanese, and I suspect that "kaki no tane" just means "rice cracker," and possibly not a specific kind of cracker.  In any case, these are the spicy moon or pepper-shaped crackers.  These are awesome; the MSG content is high, they're pleasantly spicy, and they have great flavor.  While spicy crackers are my least favorite kind of rice cracker, these are still very tasty and will be on my list to re-purchase.

Tenka-ichi ban, Hot Kid, Taiwan

This is another version of the sweet cookie-style rice cracker.  They're less sweet than the Bin-Bin cookies, but are otherwise very similar, coming in a large package of individually wrapped pairs of cookies.  As with the Bin-Bins, the flavor is nice, if a bit sweet for my taste.

Kameda, JFC Intl., Japan

These large, square, flat crackers are exceptionally good.  The soy flavor is less pronounced, so the saltiness stands out more (which is fine for me), and they have a nice MSG flavor.  They're fun to eat, and they're large enough to come individually wrapped -- in fact, they're larger than the Tenka-ichi ban and Bin-bin crackers; they're large enough to break into four bite-size pieces.  Very nice, although I find that I miss the pronounced soy flavor.

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