Tokuyo Mirin Yaki, Hosoda Bros. Inc.

This may be the winner so far.  It has excellent flavor.  The packaging and form is unfortunate; they’re large-ish cakes, and in Philadelphia it’s hard to keep them fresh once the package is open, and in any humidity they get sticky quickly.  So do little ones in a bowl, but somehow those are still easier to eat.  Anyway, for taste alone, these rank up there with the Kameda JFC crackers.  These have a more pronounced soy flavor than the Kameda; I’m not sure if the Kameda have any soy in them, to be honest.

As an aside, the Kameda crackers are becoming my go-to snacks.  While I didn’t initially like that they’re individually wrapped, I’ve found that it makes them very handy as snacks to take to work (for example).

Also, these larger crackers (both Tokuyo Marin Yaki and Kameda) make it easier to measure if you’re counting calories.