Raw milk is made of win


Have I sung you the praises of raw milk?  No?

Its good stuff, milk.  I used to drink between a half and a full gallon a week, prior to moving to our house in Elverson, PA.  The best thing about this house is that near it, just down the road, is a dairy, and this dairy sells raw milk.  My wife commented the other day that we’re up to two gallons a week.  Sometimes, that’s all I have as a meal.

The first time you try raw milk, the flavor is a bit odd – it’s not bad, but is definitely different.  However, going back in the other direction (from raw to pasteurized) is an entirely different matter: after drinking raw milk for a few months, pasteurized milk sucks.  It’s almost undrinkable.

Anyway, I’m not on a campaign to convert anybody.  I just love raw milk.  If you want to know more, though, check out the wikipedia article, and this site.

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