What genius at Microsoft decided to hide overwrite mode under an advanced configuration menu?

Seriously? Was this a joke? Was this person some disgruntled employee?

Was it incompetence? Or was it yet another indication that Microsoft can produce only crap software, with crap design?

There has been an "Insert" key on keyboards for literally decades, and somebody at Microsoft decides to hide this function in an advanced configuration menu.

I will repeat, for not the last time: all interviews for technology positions should include as standard questions: "do you think Microsoft makes quality products? Do you think Microsoft demonstrates good user experience design skills? Do you believe Microsoft employs skilled software developers? Do you believe any competent company should run their infrastructure on Microsoft servers and services?" If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," you can summarily stop the interview process and remove this person from your list of consideration for employment, because they don’t know their jobs. w their jobs.