I got an early birthday present; my birthday is near the end of the summer, and I wanted to be able to spend range time with the rifle, and Monika was generous and let me buy it a few months in advance.

This is the Marli 1895 SBL; it’s new, so it is a Remington. There was a period of time after Remington acquired Marlin when the quality of the rifles was poor; there have been a number of articles and YouTube videos about problems people had with the rifle. Fortunately, mine seems to be pretty clean. The fit and finish is tight. I haven’t taken it apart yet, and that’ll be the real test, but I haven’t found any problems and it shoots well. The only thing I don’t like is the trigger flop, but this appears to be a condition common to Marlins, and there’s an after-market trigger that fixes the issue. It doesn’t affect the functioning of the rifle, but it feels cheap and it could cause issues.