I need to get this out of my system.  It’s probably better if you just go ahead and skip this rant; there’s nothing constructive in it.

Windows sucks.  There’s really nothing more to say about it; it’s a horrible operating system, and I don’t know why anybody – especially anybody in a management position – would think that it’s suitable for running a business on.  It’s buggy, slow, bloated, and obtuse.  It’s so bad at being a server, I don’t even know where to begin criticizing it.  And as bad as it sucks being a server, it really sucks at being a desktop computer, too. There really is nothing redeeming about it.  Using it is a painful chore; it’s my personal belief that anybody who thinks otherwise has simply been conditioned to believe so.  It’s like, if you hit somebody frequently and often enough, they get used to being beaten.  That’s Windows.  It is like being beaten by an entire company.

Dell hardware sucks.  I have both a (personal) two year old MacBook Pro and a one-year-old (company) Dell Latitude E6410.  If I put the Dell to sleep (not hibernate), the battery gives out within 48 hours.  If I put the Mac to sleep, the battery gives out after… well, I don’t know how long, because  I’ve never had the battery give out.  It lasts at least a week, though; I went backpacking once and was gone for about a week, and the Mac still woke up after I got back.  Granted, the Dell does have more memory than the Mac (8GB vs 4GB), and that’s going to affect the battery drain.  That’s still pretty pathetic.  And the battery on the Mac lasts a lot longer; I can get a full 6 hours out of it, with constant use (if not heavy load)… the Dell gives out in about 3.   The CPUs in both have two cores each; Windows claims the Dell’s CPU is running at 2.4GHz, and OSX claims it’s running at 2.5GHz.  The Mac’s display is larger (15” vs. 14”), and that’s a big battery drain.  Of course, the Dell is running Windows, so you have suckage upon suckage.  Windows is probably doing more to kill the battery life than the Dell hardware.  I’ve heard that the Mac will hibernate itself while it is asleep if it detects that the battery is going to give out.  Again, I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never had the battery drain entirely while the Mac was asleep, and because OSX does so much of this smart stuff behind the scenes. 

If I close the lid on my Mac, it goes to sleep.  If I open the lid, it wakes up.  All of the Dells in our company have this feature turned off because if you sleep a Windows laptop by closing the lid, odds are good that the laptop will never wake up, or won’t be able to find a wireless connection after it resumes, or something.  That’s why you see people walking the halls with their laptop lids only partially closed.  Every time you see that, just remember: Windows sucks.

All of the managers above a certain level at my company get Macs.  All of the peons get Dells.  Honestly, the Macs aren’t much more expensive.  A new 15” Pro starts at $1800 for a quad-core 2GHz 4GB RAM 500GB HD; a new 14” E6410 dual-core 2.8GHz 4GB RAM 380GB HD starts at $1400.  Not much difference in price there – and you’re getting better, newer hardware in the Mac.

It baffles me why people are still running their businesses on Windows, and on Dell hardware.

Update 20200617

I should amend the comment about Dell. I’ve been a hardcore XPS-13 advocate since Dell started selling them without Windows (the “Developer” edition), and currently have a 2019 model that I absolutely love. I liked my previous model, too, and it still works grand – I really only upgraded to get the sweet, sweet USB-C and Thunderbolt which are the ultimate culmination of decades of chaotic port development.