JavaScript, and lessons learned


For various reasons, I found myself doing a bunch of JavaScript stuff this weekend.  The project was to get a decent WYSIWYG editor into Redmine.  Because I don't feel like writing an essay tonight, here's the short version of what I learned:
  • Redmine is actually pretty easy to write plugins for; the development model is not bad at all
  • JavaScript sucks balls.  It is a truly hideous language.
  • The jQuery and Aloha devs are programming gods.  What they've produced is incredible, considering the fetid, rancid cesspool that is JavaScript.
  • jQuery is a nice toolkit
  • Aloha is slick
  • Aloha and Redmine documentation isn't very good.  jQuery is not bad
  • "Dependency hell" takes on a whole new meaning in JavaScript.
My biggest take-away from this was that Golang is a much better place for me; it's a lot less work to write good code in Go than in JavaScript; there's a lot less ambiguity.  I'm not sure if I could survive in the JavaScript world.  It's simply too chaotic for me.

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