I Give Up. I'm Buying A Mac


I can’t resist any longer.  I’m going to give OSX a chance to piss me off for a while now.

It actually isn’t my first Mac.  At one time, I owned three Mac clones, running OS9.  Boy, that sucked.  I ended up with them mostly by accident; I bought one, and then got two given to me over the next year by people who hated OS9 as much as I did, but had more good sense to get rid of it much sooner.

Anyhoo, I can’t resist the seductive siren call of the Macbook Pros.  15” screens, 0.9” thick, and 7 hours of battery life?  Sign me up.  If I really loath OSX, I can always use BootCamp to install Linux on it, although OSX would have to suck quite a bit to make up for the amount that Linux is annoying me right now.

Oh, and the 7 hour battery life is no joke.  AnandTech did some tests on how long the 15” version runs, and they came up with 8 hours with light use: screen on 50%, loading web pages every 20s (so wireless was on), and playing MP3s the whole time.  That’s pretty damned impressive.

Plus, if I actually go insane and buy an Eigenharp, I have to have a Mac… they don’t support anything else.

I know, I know; Apple is as evil, if not more, than Microsoft, but at least they don’t also make shitty products, which Microsoft does do.

And there’s my P.S.: I finally found a company that consistently makes worse products than Microsoft.  A company that churns out steaming piles of stinky code more reliably than the Big Disease: Rational.  I’m serious; I have yet to encounter a software product from Rational that wasn’t indistinguishable from vomit.  It’s poorly designed, even more poorly implemented, and if it were free, it’d be overpriced.  It makes me really nervous when people who supposedly are software experts – because they do it for a living – think that anything that comes from Rational is worth the CPU cycles, much less actual money.  At least Microsoft has Excel, which isn’t too bad.  Rational just has overpriced consultants who, by the way, can’t actually solve any of your problems.

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