Google eBookstore


I was really excited about the opening of the Google eBookstore; unfortunately, and depressingly, eBookstore is made of fail:

  • Not all viewing format options are supported for all books.  Some support epub and PDF, some are only readable online with a web viewer or some custom app
  • It isn’t possible to find out what viewing format options are available for books
  • It isn’t possible to filter books by download options
I’m not reading a book on my computer.  I’m not reading it on my cell phone, either.  And I’m not going to buy from a store that doesn’t let me download (i.e. “own”) what I purchase.  eBookstore is, consequently, useless, to me, and it seems I’m stuck with Sony’s overpriced store for now.

Google, until you support ePub for all of the books you sell, or at least give customers enough information for them to tell whether or not they’re throwing money away on you, you won’t be getting any more of mine.

Copyright © Sean Elliott Russell

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