Firearm countdown


One down!

I bought a Boberg XR9-L.  I did manage to avoid paying the extra $300 for the Platinum; while I think the Platinum looks better, Monika thinks it looks like Jay Leno -- don't ask me, I don't know where she got that from.  In any case, I have it now, and I can't wait to shoot it this weekend.

Here are some pictures.

It isn't as thin or small as I expected it to be.
However, it's smaller in all dimensions than my .380 Makarov, and (of course) the 4.2" barrel is much longer.

I love the weight and build.  The trigger is a bit scratchy; from what I've read, that'll smooth out after a few hundred rounds, or I can take it to Matt (awesome FFL -- if you're in the area, I highly recommend him) and have him smooth it out.  I've ordered the 6.5lb spring, because the factory spring is a bit heavy for me.  The cynic in me wonders if Arne didn't put the heavier spring it to get a few extra bucks because everybody's going to buy and install the lighter spring.  But that's not fair to Arne... bad cynic!  Bad!

I want the Trijicon sights, but have no justification for getting them right now.  I'd ordered an OWB holster from Old Faithful Holsters that I'm really excited to receive; that should ship next week.  Incidentally, Old Faithful responded within a day to a query; so far, their customer service has been good.

Matt had a 686 (one of the other handguns on my list), which he let me play with while filling out my background check paperwork.  That is one seriously gorgeous gun, and it's moved up to next on my list.  Honestly, if you think it looks good in pictures, it's 10x more beautiful in person.

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