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I'm here today to pimp some earplugs.  I love these things: they're SilentEar earplugs, and they're rated at NRR 32 (32dB reduction).  They work fabulously! They work so well, in fact, that after shooting my 9mm a few times with them, I came to the conclusion that the 9mm wasn't that loud.  When I forgot to bring them to the range once I thought I might be able to do without them for a couple of magazines; I didn't get past one shot.  They're excellent, and I won't shoot without them any more.

Yes, the picture is blown-out, but you can see the plugs.  They come with nice case which reminds me of the earplug case we got in the Army; it works just fine.  The plugs are easy to seat, comfortable, and effective.

They're perfectly sufficient when shooting 9mm.  Out of an abundance of caution, I've always used them with over-the-ear muffs when shooting my .308, but I may try without the muffs next time because the muffs get in the way of my cheek placement on the rifle.  I'm impressed with them enough by now that I imagine they might well do the trick alone.  I'll report back with an update next chance I get.

In any case, I got mine from the EarPlugStore and didn't have any delays in shipping or other problems, so I'm recommending them.

Update Oct 24, 2014
So, yeah: don't shoot an RFB with only these plugs. They may prevent you from going immediately deaf, but my ears still rang, so I've been continuing to pair them with muffs.

Dang. That RFB is loud.

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