I’ve had these notes knocking around for a while, so I might as well capture it online.

  • Sennheiser CX300 – Good.  We liked these, until they got lost.
  • Kilpsch ImageSX – Good.  On par with the Sennheiser.
  • Etymotic IE6 – Worst.  Earbuds. Ever.  Tinny, and of delicate build.

Update 2020-16-06

  • Sony WF-1000MX3 – Excellent. Love the case, love the fit, really love the noise cancellation. People say they can hear me clearly, and I can hear them. Connects to multiple devices, keeps a connection, long battery life. I go to sleep with these in, listening to ambient music, fairly regularly. The only real problem is that when I have noise cancellation on, it’s so good I can’t hear my wife, which can make her angry because it’s hard to tell when I have them in.
  • Jabra Elite 65t – Also excellent. The only real reason I use the Sonys instead is because of the noise cancellation. These are a good buy.